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Who is Marie Hamilton-Abston?

The Meaning Behind the Mogul

Marie Hamilton-Abston, a native of Jackson, MS, is a virtuous woman that desires to create greatness through hard work and determination. She has achieved many things worth noting. Marie is the co-owner of The HamiltonDavis and Zuri Marie Empire.  She has a Bachelors Degree in Accounting, a Masters Degree in Health Care Administration and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Health Care Administration.


As she embarks to conquer new goals in health care, mental health, luxurious virgin hair extensions, cosmetics, and fashion design, Marie will showcase to the world that she is a devoted mother, daughter, sister, aunt, multi-business owner, and more importantly a woman who has a strong faith in God. Very few people comprehend that it’s more to her than what the eye sees. Her pain runs deep, and her ability to trust doesn’t come easy. She has triumphed storms and struggled with the tides of life. Nevertheless, Marie will walk fiercely towards the promises of today, tomorrow, and the future.




Public Relations

Alexandria Bradley

(601) 463-5544


Charcy Rogers

(601) 463-4440


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